. . . but it is true some are better than others.

Once upon a time I had this idea. . .I’d always had an interest in Distance Learning and more than 50 years ago I even took a correspondence course from the University of Wisconsin in Advertising.

I own a copy of Bear’s Guide to Distance Learning . . .really the evaluation bible for the broad spectrum of schools offering one form or another of Distant Learning.

Anyway, my idea. . .I put together a relatively precise booklet aimed at guiding the reader thru some simple steps to begin college studies for free. . . The ultimate goal to obtain an accredited college degree at very minimal cost. . .It absolutely can be accomplished.

So, I put this information in a 38 page booklet and made it available for $10.95. . . and I offered it for sale on EBAY. . .anticipating considerable interest . . .I checked for results every hour. . .Well, I had very little interest and sold nary a single book.

But, a small setback would not deter me. . . I opened my very own website. . . . .After all I read that if you build it . . .they will come ! ! !

. . .they didn’t.  So, I adjusted the price from $10.95 to $5.95. . . and while not providing all the great information in my booklet I did offer for free “THE FOUR STEPS” . . . .yes in 15 minutes you can save 15% or. . .you can begin college studies for free. . How about English 101 or Math 101 or. . . will the beginning is an offering to choose from over 30 free courses. . .

But while there is no such thing as a bad idea. . . some indeed are at least accepted more than others. . .I’m not sure what the missing link is . . .but I’ve seemingly generated zero interest in beginning College Studies for free. . . obtaining an Accredited degree . . .Completing studies that once you began, or thought about beginning. . .Nada. . .Zip. . .so. . .not to be deterred. . .I’ve a willingness to give for . . . FREE . . .to that person who’ll request the first . . .yep, sadly I said the first booklet . . .no charge. . .the second person will have a FREE book as well and the Third. . .

Write me at and ask. . .

Actually, this is a Great Idea. . . well if you want to start your college studies for free. . .

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You Cannot Fail if You Will Not Fail

You get to decide whether you suceed or fail. . . So just keep trying and eventually you will make it.

It reminds me of the young man who came into my shop with his mother. She was going to pay for the framing of his diploma which he proudly proclaimed how it took him 7 years but he did finally graduate.

He simply would not fail, though I suspect he had challenges along the way but he focused not on problems. . .but on the goal and did what it took to make it.

Visit WWW.STARTCOLLEGETODAY.COM  and return to your goal of getting a college degree. . . it is doable and you can do it.  Click on “FOUR STEPS’  and you can be making the first step on what you will find will be a challenging journey. . .but . . . .you can do it and remember. . . .  You cannot fail if you will not fail. . .


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What Winston Churchill Said

He was the commencement speaker at a graduation ceremony and when his time to speak arrived. . . .he stood up . . .went to the podium and said. . . .


. . . .then he sat down. . .what better advice to give to graduates about to face the rest of their lives.

Perhaps you began college . . .or wanted to begin and for whatever reason you had to set aside that goal. . . .I say heed the advice of one of the greatest men in history. . .and here’s a way to do it. . .

Browse the following subjects choosing a course with the numerical designation of 101. If, because of prior study and or experience you have mastered a 101 level course you may then select a 102,103 or 104 course as appropriate.


Business 101: Principles of Management (3 credits)
Business 102: Principles of Marketing (3 credits)
Business 103: Introductory Business Law (3 credits)
Business 104: Information Systems and Computer Applications (3 credits)
Economics 102: Macroeconomics (3 credits)


English 101: English Literature (6 credits)
English 102: American Literature (6 credits)
English 103: Analyzing and Interpreting Lit. (6 credits)
English 104: College Composition (6 credits)


History 101: Western Civilization I (3 credits)
History 103: US History I (3 credits)
History 104: US History II (3 credits)


Math 101: College Algebra (3 credits)
Math 102: College Mathematics (6 credits)
Math 103: Precalculus (3 credits)
Math 104: Calculus (3 credits)


Biology 101: Intro to Biology (6 credits)
Chemistry 101: General Chemistry (6 credits)
Science 101: Intro to Natural Sciences (6 credits)


Psychology 101: Intro to Psychology (3 credits)
Psychology 102: Educational Psychology (3 credits)
Psychology 103: Human Growth and Development (3 credits
Sociology 101: Intro to Sociology (3 credits)
Humanities 101: Intro to the Humanities (6 credits)
Spanish 101: Beginning Spanish (6 credits)

then go to . . . click on “THE FOUR STEPS”

and in 15 minutes you will begin . . .no charge free . . .try it and see if you’re not delighted.


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The following article appeared in US News & World Report. . . .some solid advice I think.  . now I’d prefer you go to and avoid such debt.  To begin college studies for free go to my site and click on “THE FOUR STEPS”

Now that the commercial is over here’s the article.

Sixty percent of 2012 college graduates went into debt to finance their bachelor’s degrees, borrowing an average of $26,500, according to an annual report released last week by the College Board. Students who pursue a master’s or professional degree often add tens of thousands of dollars to that tab.

Graduates may be able to legally bypass some student loan payments, thanks to loan forgiveness programs. “I was able to use AmeriCorps to repay some of my loans and had all of my Perkins loans forgiven,” Tori Whaley told U.S. News via Facebook, referring the national volunteer program.

Doctors, nurses, teachers and even librarians can benefit from state and federal initiatives, which typically help graduates pay a portion of their loans if they agree to work in high-need areas for a set number of years. These areas often include rural communities, as well as schools and medical clinics serving low-income families and underserved minority groups such as Native Americans.

“60+ Ways To Get Rid of Your Student Loans (Without Paying Them),” an e-book from American Student Assistance, a nonprofit that helps students manage college loan debt, catalogs many of the programs available.

Certain loan forgiveness programs may only be available to graduates who borrowed loans after a certain date, says Whaley, who earned a master’s in special education from the Peabody College of Education and Human Development at Vanderbilt University in 2009.

“I started school and took out my first loan in 1996. So, despite working for 7 years as a special education teacher in low income communities, I was not able to receive that benefit,” she wrote.

[Find out more about law school loan forgiveness.]

Health care professionals may be well versed on forgiveness programs such as the National Health Service Corps and the NURSE Corps, for example, but other niche programs exist to help medical professionals ease their loan burden.

Licensed dentists, psychiatrists and doctors specializing in general medicine, geriatrics or family medicine can qualify for up to $40,000 in loan forgiveness though the Indian Health Service Loan Repayment Program.

Graduates must commit to work for a minimum of two years at a practice serving American Indian and Native Alaskan communities in order to receive the funds, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

States such as Alaska, California, Georgia and Kansas also offer loan forgiveness options for medical professionals. Most of these programs require graduates work in underserved areas, such as rural communities.

[Learn what to consider before consolidating your student loans.]

Doctors committed to healing four-legged patients can get help with their student loans, too.

Nathan Glaza, a veterinarian in northern Kentucky, receives $3,000 every six months to put towards his nearly $135,000 in student debt, thanks to the Kentucky Large/Food Animal Veterinary Incentive Program.

Slim job prospects for large animal vets at existing clinics prompted the Kentucky native to move home and start his own practice after graduating from the Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine. With student loan payments of $1,300 a month, every little bit helps, he says.

“It helps that I know there’s a little bit of leeway there that I can pay off the loan debt, or knock them down a little bit, then focus on something else,” he says. “Either getting a house over my head, or buying some equipment that will help out in whatever cases I’m seeing and help provide better medicine around here.”

Kentucky’s program pays up to $18,000 towards outstanding student loans for veterinarians who work with large animals or those bred for food, such as cattle, pigs and sheep. Veterinary technicians who graduate from a two-year program may also apply for the incentive. Preference is given to state residents, according to the program’s website, but new graduates who want to work in the state can also apply.

Minnesota has a similar program for graduates of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota. Graduates must work for five years in a rural areas designated by the state. As with many programs, limited funds are available, so graduates must apply for the loan forgiveness.

[Discover scholarships to study veterinary medicine.]

In addition to state-based programs, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program will pay qualified vets up to $25,000 per year. Graduates must work for at least three years in a designated vet shortage area, such as northeastern Montana, Sioux County in Nebraska or Steuben County in New York.

Seventy-five veterinarians, with an average debt load of nearly $110,000, received funding through this program for fiscal year 2011, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The program awarded $7.25 million in loan repayment assistance during that time frame.

More interested in politics than poultry? Not a problem.

Maryland residents can also get help through the Janet L. Hoffman Loan Assistance Program if they work for the state government, a local municipality or a nonprofit agency in the state. To be eligible, applicants must work with low-income and underserved residents. The program also has an income restriction.

Borrowers in any state who took out a Perkins loan can have some or all of the debt cancelled if they work in a qualified area for up to five years. Firefighters, speech pathologists, librarians and special education teachers are just a few of the professions eligible for the Perkins program, which typically designates graduates work in low-income or underserved areas to qualify.

Loan forgiveness is never a guarantee, so students shouldn’t rack up debt in the hopes the slate will eventually be wiped clean, advise the authors of the American Student Assistance e-book. “Always borrow the bare minimum you need, and think of any potential forgiveness benefits as a (very) happy bonus.”

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I read an article a long time ago in an Air Carrier’s magazine while on a business trip.

The Concept is we all have Strengths. . . I for instance can make decisions very quickly.  I don’t agonize and delay, rather I come to a conclusion and act.  Well I view this as a strength.

So consider a house comes up for sale (and I’ve been hunting to buy) If I act quickly and can determine this is a solid value the house will be mine. . .I analyze and make a decision that same day. . .

Another, potential buyer found out about the house the same time I did. . .they like to contemplate sleep on a serious decison such as buying a house and perhaps get other opinions.  .  .A wise, careful, thoughtful approach.

Because I could make a quick decision I obtained the house. . . and the more thougthful, wise, careful buyer lost out.

So now if this house was a real bargain and I percieved it as such and acted quickly my strength served me well. . . The more cautious buyer lost out because he was simply analyzing instead of acting. . .His strength in this instance was a weakness. . .

But, suppose that house had some problems that my quick analysis overlooked. . .and a more careful approach would have determined. . . the Cautious buyer would have avoided. . . whereas, I decided just too quickly and found out I had to repair a foundation . . . or there were termites.

Give some thought to your Strengths and for that matter your weaknesses. . .Of course it may just come down to “know yourself”. . . and the answer is to be aware that you if you’re too decisive . . .tend to act too quickly. . .that you should pause and take that deep breath. . . .or vice versa speed up your decision making if you seem to take forever to analyze.

Perhaps, you tend to believe easily whatever a person tells you. . .it’s a good way to live a life trusting in your fellow man. . . however, there are some bad people in the world. . .and you need to keep that in mind. . .or this strength can turn you into an investor who buys a pig in a poke.

My interest and my website is now I think it is a strength for many people to get a fine education. . .an accredited degree. . .well there are people who totally agree. . .that learning is important and they have the skills to do so. . .but they just keep learning so to speak . . .and are reluctant to use their knowledge in productive ways. . . .A strength becomes a weakness. . .

My website suggests online or distant learning is the answer “the four steps” takes you to a free beginning of college study. . .A strength it seems to me. . . but perhaps their is a weakness. . .maybe too many people think if it’s free . . .how worthwhile can it be???




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Yes it is. . .!

There’s lots we can do today.  .  .Whew, it’s Saturday and I’ve a ton of things scheduled. . .in other words I’m living my life and I like it. . . . Congratulations. . .maybe one of those things is sailing. . . or enjoying a Family Reunion. . seems to me nothing wrong with finding pleasure every day.

We can also reflect on events past. . .good and bad. . . sometimes now that which was bad can be softened with time and seems even a bit funny. . .Of course there were sad times as well. . .memories are good and past experiences can be very beneficial to guide us in future efforts.

But, we also can think about our future. . .some of us have less future than others.  .  . I’m 80 and I remember a forward that the author James Michner wrote in one of his books. . . He’d just turned 80 and thought he’d quit writing . . .retire so to speak. . .then he realized he still had a lot he wanted to say. . .so he kept writing and the book I was reading was a result of his effort.

So today is really a great day to also think about what you’re going to do with the rest of your life. . .I’ve always developed pleasure and enjoyment from coming up with an idea. . .and then implementing it. . .

This Blog is part of such an idea. . . I’ve had a long time interest in the value of Distant Learning.  While I enjoyed the four years I spent in College as much as any part of my life. . . .times have changed. . .My tuition for my first quarter was less than $50. . .now at some school’s it’s $50,000 for a year. . lots of people cannot afford the cost without borrowing massive sums of money. . . and then paying off that debt becomes a lifetime burden. . .

My idea is use online distant learning to reduce that cost to affordable levels. 

You can go to my site click on “THE FOUR STEPS” and in 15 minutes begin saving a lot more than 15%.

Ok so there’s this idea. . . and now there’s a booklet that gives a lot of guidance. . . and there’s a website that gives information and links to a free . . .yes free way to immediately begin your college studies. . . .for free.

. . .but alas. . .so far as I know . . . nobody has done so. . .

Well, that’s not quite accurate. . . Actually, thousands and thousands are doing exactly what I’m suggesting. . .somehow they discovered distant learning on their own. . . but I’ve not guided anybody . . .yet. . .

So, for me today. . .I’m intent on figuring a way to get somebody to use this great idea. . .scratching my head so to speak. . . I do hope your day is a good one. . .they are much nicer than bad ones.

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A man I used to work for had a saying. . . I don’t know if it was original with him. . .but he liked to say. . .If there’s a hard way and an easy way. . . .usually the hard way is the better way.

So let’s take a look at going about getting a college degree. . .I think for a lot of folk that’s a wise thing to do. . . not everyone but for many. . .It opens your mind and opens doors as you wander thru life.

Since I live in Texas I’m going to suggest that one good school to go to is the University of Texas. (I was born in Michigan and I went to Michigan State University). You’ll meet lifelong friends, maybe join a Greek association and have a fine time for four years and come away with a quality degree. . .You’ll have counselors guide you somewhat and you’ll have a schedule each day to follow and class after class . . . you’ll soak up a lot of knowledge.

While, persevering for four or maybe even five years is not easy. . .it’s what I’m going to call the “EASY WAY” . But it is also the expensive way. Being a Texas Resident your estimated cost for tuition, room and board and books . . .will be a bit over $25,000 for the year. If you are out of state it is likely the tab will be about $40,000.

You can get scholarships, grants, use savings and you can borrow to pay for this education. . . ah yes. . .currently student loans exceed all credit card debt. . . whew. . .and payment for decades is not that rare. . .that’s after you get your degree. But you know all that.

What you may not know about is the “HARD WAY” and of course I’m going to tell you.

I’ve listed some courses below that you might take at most any college in the country. . . Basic knowledge that is good to explore and often required as your foundation for any degree.
Math 101: College Algebra (3 credits)

Psychology 101: Intro to Psychology (3 credits)

English 104: College Composition (6 credits)

Business 101: Principles of Management (3 credits)

Business 104: Information Systems and Computer Applications (3 credits)

English 101: English Literature (6 credits)

History 103: US History I (3 credits)
History 104: US History II (3 credits)

Completing these courses would generate 30 credits. . .A typical Freshman year of study. . . .and it can be done for a cost of about $750. . . and those 30 credits are accepted by about 3,000 universities all over the country.

These credits are obtained by passing the CLEP exams.

The really good news is in just four steps without putting out any money. . . you can begin taking courses to prepare you for any of these exams. Now. . .let’s be clear about this. . . Self Study requires great discipline. This is the HARD WAY. . .but I want you to find out if it’s the right way for you.

Go to click on “the four steps” and follow instructions . . .in 15 minutes and for free you’ll be . . . .beginning.

Let me know how it goes.

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If you will not fail. . . you cannot fail

I’ve always had an interest in distant learning. . . while I was in the service I took a correspondence course in advertising from the University of Wisconsin. . . .that was in 1957. . .

About 10 years ago I did quite a bit of research on the internet. . .looking at things like CLEP and . . .

Off and on I would try to persuade people to go to Free-Ed study and then pass a Clep exam. . .never got anyone to do it. .

About two years ago I wrote Free-Ed and suggested they coordinate courses for the CLEP exams. . . and they thought a good idea and have done so . . . somewhat.

Now more recently say 6 months ago. . . I ran into MOOC’s (Massive open online courses) and ended up writing and publishing a 38 page booklet.

I’ve yet to sell one. . . I’ve given a few away . . .and so far as I know nobody has taken advantage of the information.

So. . .I’m determined. . .sooner or later that at least one person will say. . . WOW . . what a deal. . .

I can go to and follow four easy steps and begin college studies for free. . .

Also, I can find out how to get an accredited degree . . .probably at a total cost of less than $5,000 . . .

So, if this is such a good idea. . .why isn’t there a line outside my door. . . why isn’t my email box filled to overflowing asking questions. . . . why why why. . .sigh.

Well, I’ll keep writing. . .but should anyone read this tearful diatribe. . . please go to and click on “THE FOUR STEPS” no registration. . . nothing to buy (if you want the booklet it’s for sale) what more can I say. . .you can begin college studies today . . . . for free. . .

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Student debt I’ve read now exceeds not only all credit card debt but also all car loan debt as well.

In my opinion a College education for many is very worthwhile. . .but if the traditional approach of obtaining an accredited degree on a college campus will saddle you with decades of debt. . .well let’s talk about another way. The Internet has revoulutinzed shoppng, game playing, social interaction . . . .and whether you know it or not . . .it is making big time strides in Education.

Take 15 minutes and visit the website below and click on “THE FOUR STEPS’ make those four steps and you can be on your way to free college studies and even beginning to obtain two years of college credit at thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars of savings.

Just go to 


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