If you will not fail. . . you cannot fail

I’ve always had an interest in distant learning. . . while I was in the service I took a correspondence course in advertising from the University of Wisconsin. . . .that was in 1957. . .

About 10 years ago I did quite a bit of research on the internet. . .looking at things like CLEP and Free-ed.net . . .

Off and on I would try to persuade people to go to Free-Ed study and then pass a Clep exam. . .never got anyone to do it. .

About two years ago I wrote Free-Ed and suggested they coordinate courses for the CLEP exams. . . and they thought a good idea and have done so . . . somewhat.

Now more recently say 6 months ago. . . I ran into MOOC’s (Massive open online courses) and ended up writing and publishing a 38 page booklet.

I’ve yet to sell one. . . I’ve given a few away . . .and so far as I know nobody has taken advantage of the information.

So. . .I’m determined. . .sooner or later that at least one person will say. . . WOW . . what a deal. . .

I can go to http://www.startcollegetoday.com and follow four easy steps and begin college studies for free. . .

Also, I can find out how to get an accredited degree . . .probably at a total cost of less than $5,000 . . .

So, if this is such a good idea. . .why isn’t there a line outside my door. . . why isn’t my email box filled to overflowing asking questions. . . . why why why. . .sigh.

Well, I’ll keep writing. . .but should anyone read this tearful diatribe. . . please go to http://www.startcollegetoday.com and click on “THE FOUR STEPS” no registration. . . nothing to buy (if you want the booklet it’s for sale) what more can I say. . .you can begin college studies today . . . . for free. . .

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