Yes it is. . .!

There’s lots we can do today.  .  .Whew, it’s Saturday and I’ve a ton of things scheduled. . .in other words I’m living my life and I like it. . . . Congratulations. . .maybe one of those things is sailing. . . or enjoying a Family Reunion. . seems to me nothing wrong with finding pleasure every day.

We can also reflect on events past. . .good and bad. . . sometimes now that which was bad can be softened with time and seems even a bit funny. . .Of course there were sad times as well. . .memories are good and past experiences can be very beneficial to guide us in future efforts.

But, we also can think about our future. . .some of us have less future than others.  .  . I’m 80 and I remember a forward that the author James Michner wrote in one of his books. . . He’d just turned 80 and thought he’d quit writing . . .retire so to speak. . .then he realized he still had a lot he wanted to say. . .so he kept writing and the book I was reading was a result of his effort.

So today is really a great day to also think about what you’re going to do with the rest of your life. . .I’ve always developed pleasure and enjoyment from coming up with an idea. . .and then implementing it. . .

This Blog is part of such an idea. . . I’ve had a long time interest in the value of Distant Learning.  While I enjoyed the four years I spent in College as much as any part of my life. . . .times have changed. . .My tuition for my first quarter was less than $50. . .now at some school’s it’s $50,000 for a year. . lots of people cannot afford the cost without borrowing massive sums of money. . . and then paying off that debt becomes a lifetime burden. . .

My idea is use online distant learning to reduce that cost to affordable levels. 

You can go to my site click on “THE FOUR STEPS” and in 15 minutes begin saving a lot more than 15%.

Ok so there’s this idea. . . and now there’s a booklet that gives a lot of guidance. . . and there’s a website that gives information and links to a free . . .yes free way to immediately begin your college studies. . . .for free.

. . .but alas. . .so far as I know . . . nobody has done so. . .

Well, that’s not quite accurate. . . Actually, thousands and thousands are doing exactly what I’m suggesting. . .somehow they discovered distant learning on their own. . . but I’ve not guided anybody . . .yet. . .

So, for me today. . .I’m intent on figuring a way to get somebody to use this great idea. . .scratching my head so to speak. . . I do hope your day is a good one. . .they are much nicer than bad ones.

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