I read an article a long time ago in an Air Carrier’s magazine while on a business trip.

The Concept is we all have Strengths. . . I for instance can make decisions very quickly.  I don’t agonize and delay, rather I come to a conclusion and act.  Well I view this as a strength.

So consider a house comes up for sale (and I’ve been hunting to buy) If I act quickly and can determine this is a solid value the house will be mine. . .I analyze and make a decision that same day. . .

Another, potential buyer found out about the house the same time I did. . .they like to contemplate sleep on a serious decison such as buying a house and perhaps get other opinions.  .  .A wise, careful, thoughtful approach.

Because I could make a quick decision I obtained the house. . . and the more thougthful, wise, careful buyer lost out.

So now if this house was a real bargain and I percieved it as such and acted quickly my strength served me well. . . The more cautious buyer lost out because he was simply analyzing instead of acting. . .His strength in this instance was a weakness. . .

But, suppose that house had some problems that my quick analysis overlooked. . .and a more careful approach would have determined. . . the Cautious buyer would have avoided. . . whereas, I decided just too quickly and found out I had to repair a foundation . . . or there were termites.

Give some thought to your Strengths and for that matter your weaknesses. . .Of course it may just come down to “know yourself”. . . and the answer is to be aware that you if you’re too decisive . . .tend to act too quickly. . .that you should pause and take that deep breath. . . .or vice versa speed up your decision making if you seem to take forever to analyze.

Perhaps, you tend to believe easily whatever a person tells you. . .it’s a good way to live a life trusting in your fellow man. . . however, there are some bad people in the world. . .and you need to keep that in mind. . .or this strength can turn you into an investor who buys a pig in a poke.

My interest and my website is www.startcollegetoday.com now I think it is a strength for many people to get a fine education. . .an accredited degree. . .well there are people who totally agree. . .that learning is important and they have the skills to do so. . .but they just keep learning so to speak . . .and are reluctant to use their knowledge in productive ways. . . .A strength becomes a weakness. . .

My website suggests online or distant learning is the answer “the four steps” takes you to a free beginning of college study. . .A strength it seems to me. . . but perhaps their is a weakness. . .maybe too many people think if it’s free . . .how worthwhile can it be???




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