You Cannot Fail if You Will Not Fail

You get to decide whether you suceed or fail. . . So just keep trying and eventually you will make it.

It reminds me of the young man who came into my shop with his mother. She was going to pay for the framing of his diploma which he proudly proclaimed how it took him 7 years but he did finally graduate.

He simply would not fail, though I suspect he had challenges along the way but he focused not on problems. . .but on the goal and did what it took to make it.

Visit WWW.STARTCOLLEGETODAY.COM  and return to your goal of getting a college degree. . . it is doable and you can do it.  Click on “FOUR STEPS’  and you can be making the first step on what you will find will be a challenging journey. . .but . . . .you can do it and remember. . . .  You cannot fail if you will not fail. . .


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