. . . but it is true some are better than others.

Once upon a time I had this idea. . .I’d always had an interest in Distance Learning and more than 50 years ago I even took a correspondence course from the University of Wisconsin in Advertising.

I own a copy of Bear’s Guide to Distance Learning . . .really the evaluation bible for the broad spectrum of schools offering one form or another of Distant Learning.

Anyway, my idea. . .I put together a relatively precise booklet aimed at guiding the reader thru some simple steps to begin college studies for free. . . The ultimate goal to obtain an accredited college degree at very minimal cost. . .It absolutely can be accomplished.

So, I put this information in a 38 page booklet and made it available for $10.95. . . and I offered it for sale on EBAY. . .anticipating considerable interest . . .I checked for results every hour. . .Well, I had very little interest and sold nary a single book.

But, a small setback would not deter me. . . I opened my very own website. . . . .After all I read that if you build it . . .they will come ! ! !

. . .they didn’t.  So, I adjusted the price from $10.95 to $5.95. . . and while not providing all the great information in my booklet I did offer for free “THE FOUR STEPS” . . . .yes in 15 minutes you can save 15% or. . .you can begin college studies for free. . How about English 101 or Math 101 or. . . will the beginning is an offering to choose from over 30 free courses. . .

But while there is no such thing as a bad idea. . . some indeed are at least accepted more than others. . .I’m not sure what the missing link is . . .but I’ve seemingly generated zero interest in beginning College Studies for free. . . obtaining an Accredited degree . . .Completing studies that once you began, or thought about beginning. . .Nada. . .Zip. . .so. . .not to be deterred. . .I’ve a willingness to give for . . . FREE . . .to that person who’ll request the first . . .yep, sadly I said the first booklet . . .no charge. . .the second person will have a FREE book as well and the Third. . .

Write me at and ask. . .

Actually, this is a Great Idea. . . well if you want to start your college studies for free. . .

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